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Is your house under 30 years old? If so, you may be interested in a quality guaranteed ROOF-OVER. Using top of the line materials at an affordable price, we can cover up the old shingles with the new. Allowing your home to look spot on with less dent in your wallet. 



At 223-ROOF, we agree with the old saying "Off with the old and on with the new". A TEAROFF, in our professional opinion, is the most effective method for leak prevention. By stripping off the old material, the new shingles are held on to the roof tighter by deeper driven nails. So bring on the wind! 



Like the sharp look of a metal roof? Well, look no further then 223-ROOF's top notch Metal Roof. Maybe you just want to be a step ahead of your neighbor...Well,  A 223-ROOF Metal Roof will certainly get the job done. (And maybe your neighbor will finally stop braging about his landscaping)


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